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Pick a design theme that screams you, or maybe one that just hints at you subtly. Play with it. Tweak it until it's right. Perfection is in the details. Click on any of the themes below to see it in action.


  Explore Your Registry.

Your registry is neatly organized to make it easy browsing. Generally, registries are made up from the following components:

text boxes
item sets (i.e. honeymoon, kitchen stuff)
Registry Items


  The Control Panel.

Your registry title, just click to edit.
Widgets, drag these guys into the box below to activate them.
Text Block, add text, images, and links to your pages.

Item Sets, quickly organize your items into sets (i.e honeymoon items, kitchen stuff, etc..)

Your Registry Items

Your Pages - add additional info by creating pages.
Your Account - access and modify your settings, passwords etc..


  Purchases 101.

The items in your registry can be classified in 3 ways, they are:
things people can send funds directly to you for (like the painting you've had your eye on at the local gallery),
group purchases that people can contribute or make donations in any amount towards (like your dream honeymoon fund), or
links to outside websites or online shops outside of your registry (things from anywhere in the whole world wide web)

When a guest purchases an item or contributes to a fund money will be sent directly to your paypal account. If your guests purchase things from external websites (outside of they simply return to your registry and mark the items as purchased.

Your Shopping Basket.

A shopping basket is fully integreated into your registry. Your guests simply browse the registry, add items and checkout when they are ready to pay. They'll then be securely redirected to paypal and can send funds to your account with a few quick clicks.

All purchases internal or external are noted in your Thank You list. Additionally, you can set your preferences to have Merci Registry notify you by email when items are purchased.



Create as many extra pages as you need. Give your visitors more information by setting up pages for accomodations, or directions to your event.


  Add Anything from Anywhere.

Our thought is: "Why not?" There's no rule that says a registry needs to stick to dishware and linens. Feel free to add a "Day at the Spa" or "Cocktails on the Beach" to your own, personalized registry. And if you're dreaming really big, set up a fund so friends and family and make contributions to help you toward that ultimate gift.

Adding items to your registry is effortless, simply click "Add Item" in your item set, upload an image , and fill out the item info


  Thank You Lists.

There's no reason this part should be stressful. We'll keep track of who gave what so you don't have to. Just print out your own, customized "Thank You" list, and start checking off names. It's one less thing to worry about.


  PayPal Integration.

We like PayPal. It's easy and trusted and fully integrated into each registry. Once users click on the gifts they want to give, it's securely added to your account.


  Share Your Registry.

All it takes is one click, and you'll be able to share your registry
on Facebook or Twitter—or just with those on your handpicked guest list.


  Easy to use and manage.

Set up the basics of your registry in minutes. Once that's done, have fun curating the experience, from the design theme down to the customized gift sets. Easily keep track of what's been purchased, and when it's all over, simply print out a list so you know who to thank.

Get started now.


  No hidden fees.

That's right, the only thing we ever charge you for is the one time set-up fee. Depending on the purchase type and amount, PayPal may charge a small transaction fee, you can read more about those fees here

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Is Merci Registry right for me? How is it different from other registry sites?
If you're a looking for a place to share objects or experience that don't come from just ONE place, then yes. After finding that most online registries were tied to specific shops or catalogs we created Merci Registry for our own marriage. We found that many of the things we wanted were not available easily for our guests to purchase for us (like things from small boutique shops or made by local artists) or simply could not be purchased (like a nice dinner during our honeymoon). After receiving so many nice compliments and requests for similar sites, we decided to share the service with a wider audience.

I'm not getting married but I'd like to have a registry.
Can I use Merci Registry for a birthday, event, fundraiser, or baby registry?

Yes! Many people have. Merci Registry is perfect for these types of events also.

How do I manage the site?
Managing the site is easy. After you sign-up simply log-in and add items, images, text and pages for your viewers. With the click of a button everything is published online instantly.

Can you please show me a real-life example of a registry?
Certainly, cherietdavid is our registry, which got this whole project started

Besides registration, are there other fees?
No, there are no other service charges for using Merci Registry.
Depending on the purchase type and amount, PayPal may charge a small transaction fee, you can read more about those fees here

How do the gifts I register get to me?
Merci Registry does not handle gifts directly. Items in your registry are handled a few ways. They are:

  • Items that viewers add their basket and send you cash via paypal to put towards the purchase of.

  • Funds that your viewers can contribute to.

  • Links to online websites where viwers of your registry can purchase the items directly.

In the case of items purchased outside of, once purchased the viewer can return to your registry and mark the item as "purchased". Additionally your registry items can link to a "Page" created by you that can give them additional information.

How can I indicate I want more than one of something?
In the control panel you can easily update the quantity of any item in your list. If a viewer purchases 7 of the 12 wine glasses you requested the remaining quantity will automatically be updated in your registry

Does this registry notify you when an item has been purchased?
All purchases are updated in real time on your site, once an item has been purchased it will no longer be available in the registry and in your Control Panel you can view your "Thank You List" to see what was purchased.

Does merci registry provide a list of who gave what?
Yes! Thank You lists are updated in real-time, simply log-in to your Control Panel to view the updated list.

If I want to put an activity or experience that someone can donate to, where will the money go?
The money will be deposited directly into your PayPal account.

Can I modify the HTML/CSS or design code of my registry?
No. Only the source code for text boxes is editable.

Who is Merci Registry
Merci Registry is run by Paris-based designers David Rager and Cheri Messerli.

Really, just the two of you?
Yes, really just the two of us. No robots. So if you don't hear back from us within a few hours, it probably means it's a nice day or we're out walking the dog. Don't worry though, we (not a robot) usually get back to you personally within 24 hours.

How do I get in touch with you?
Drop us a line at: info (at)